Deering Sculpture: Little Rock, AR, US
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The Process: Steps From Clay To Bronze
1.Start with a design: drawing or maquette (small model) or both
2. Once designed approved then clay process begins with an armature or under structure-it could be foam or metal. More armatures are a lightweight foam now
3. Once Clay is approved then it is delivered to the foundry. Right--John in Tucumcari, New Mexico. 50 mph winds! the bronze foundry!
5. The piece is unloaded and we meet with the foundry manager and go over specific details. The process from clay to bronze is the lost wax process. First, they begin with painting a rubber mold and creating a mother mold made of plaster. then the mold is removed. They do this is pieces. the rubber mold is pulled off the clay. Wax is poured into the rubber mold creating a wax positive of the clay. The wax once cooled is dipped into a ceramic slurry and cooled. This is repeated until a thickness is made. Sprues and vents are added. Then the wax is burned out leaving the ceramic mold. The bronze is poured into the investment and cooled. Then ceramic is hammered off and the bronze is sent to the metal shop where it is welded together and then the seams grinded. Once it is finished in the metal shop it goes to the patina shop where the color and finish is added. Once approved it is shipped to site of client. 
6. Installing and Unveiling: The sculpture comes with hardware. We do not install but coordinate and are present at installation ensuring it goes well. We had a large multi figure piece that took 2 entire weekends to install.